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Refund Policy

To request a refund, a written email should be sent to [email protected] with a detailed explanation for the request. After the request has been received our board will review and decide to move forward with the refund and how much of the cost will be refunded.

Refunds will be accessed for programs based on the following:

● Injury

● Moving out of area

● Not filling team roster due to lack of participation

Refunds will NOT be assessed for programs due to the following:

● Weather cancellations

● Unhappy with team assignment

● Request not honored

● Scheduling Conflicts

If the child was medically unable to participate in the sport he/she had registered for, a note from a doctor on letterhead indicating that the participant cannot participate is required. If a parent has requested a refund due to medical reasons prior to the start of the season (prior to the start of practice), they will receive a refund minus $25 administration fee.

The amount of money that is refunded is contingent on how much of the season has passed as well as the reason for the refund. For example, a child who suffers an injury with only a short time left in the season will not warrant a refund as the entire cost of the season has already been incurred.

If a parent can provide proof that the child is moving from the school district before the season starts, then a refund minus $25 administration fee will be granted. If the move is done during the season, then the program refund policy is enforced.

Work bonds will be refunded in accordance with the general refund policy below. Refund will be by check or credit and will follow the Hillsborough Youth Sports financial refund process. Work bonds will NOT be refunded if the volunteer does not fulfill their required hours or assignments. This includes unexcused absence for a scheduled time to work or no shows. Any one of these absences will incur a forfeit of the work bond. 

For our youth programs to be successful we must meet a certain number of participants to fill a team roster for many of our sports programs. We have no control over this and sometimes due to the lack of participation we can’t fill rosters. We are committed to work with our leagues to find the best alternative to allow each child to participate. If for any reason, a roster is not filled once registration has been closed you have two options:

● Option 1 - You will receive a credit for the following upcoming season for your child to participate. If the next season we’re still unable to fill the team roster due to lack of participation your credit will renew. The credit is valid for one full year. If you don’t use your credit within one year, it will expire and you will NOT receive a refund.

● Option 2 - You can opt to receive a refund minus $25 administration fee. We understand that after a child has been registered in our program and in the event an unexpected scheduling conflict arises, we will NOT issue a refund. You will receive a credit for another program for the upcoming season. If the credit is not used within 1 year of receiving it, the credit will expire and no longer be valid. You will NOT receive a refund.

Refunds that are awarded will be returned in the following ways:

● Credit Card Return – If a parent paid for the registration in question using a credit/debit card, the amount will be returned to that card’s account minus any fees stated above. We are unable to cut a check for any registration paid via a credit or debit card. This usually takes between 2-3 weeks. 

● Check – If the parent paid for the registration in question using a check or cash, a check will be mailed to the parent home address that we have on file. This usually takes between 2-3 weeks.

Hillsborough Youth Sports will not give refunds or prorated fees for missed practices or games due to a participant registering for a program late.

Hillsborough Youth Sports reserves the right to waive this Refund Policy at its sole discretion at any time. Such waiver shall generally be in response to extenuating or highly unusual circumstances, and in no event shall the Board of Trustees be obligated to waive this Refund Policy.

General refund policy for all programs including Cheer, Football, Field Hockey, Track & Field and Lacrosse:

For the 2023 season, Football & Cheer can receive a full refund until July 28, 2023, minus any transaction fee(s).

Before the first week of practice, Full refund less $25 processing fee.

During the first week of practice, 75% refund less $25 processing fee. 

After the first two weeks of practice and/or the first scheduled event/game - NO Refunds.

Late fees are not refundable.

Purchased uniforms are not subject to refunds.

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